Capturing the Magic

Hey, everyone! 

I’m excited to share with you about my recent photography adventure at Puckett’s restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I was lucky enough to capture the beautiful moments of an event that took place there, using my trusty Nikon D750 and Godox v860ii.
It was such a fun experience, capturing the energy of the crowd, the mouth-watering dishes, and the captivating ambiance of the venue. With my Nikon camera and Godox flash, I was able to create images that truly captured the essence of the event, with every detail and emotion beautifully preserved. (view the event HERE)
But, that’s not all! I’ve since upgraded my kit with the amazing Sony a7iv, and my audio setup has also been improved with the addition of pro-level boom microphones. Now, I can capture even more stunning visuals and immersive audio, creating an even more engaging experience for my clients and their audience.
And the best part? I’ve secured a super cool gig coming up in April in Nashville, TN, and I’m so excited to share the details with you all. It’s going to be a fantastic event, and I can’t wait to put my skills and equipment to the test once again.
Photography and cinematography have always been a passion of mine, and being able to capture the special moments and emotions of an event is a truly rewarding experience. Every time I pick up my camera and start shooting, it’s like I’m transported to a world of endless possibilities and creativity.
So, if you’re in need of a photographer or cinematographer who’s passionate, personable, and dedicated to quality, look no further. I’m always ready to take on new challenges and capture your special moments in a way that’s both beautiful and authentic.



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