August 29th - 2022

Hey everyone!

A couple months gone and a couple new experiences under my belt. August found me in Austin, Texas for the Keller Williams Mega Agent Camp. Don’t mess with Texas (barbecue that is!). I enjoyed some of the finest bbq that Texas had to offer among my other responsibilities while traveling. I was stationed right downtown, which was pretty sweet. I partnered with a local doing video for a personal project. We messaged beforehand to get a game plan together, but it’s great once you get to work together in person. We also collaborated on one unique piece and photographed a custom-made fashion piece that retails for $400 on her site (did I forget to mention that Paris Hilton likes the photos on the designer’s page)… yeah that’s right, Paris freaking Hilton! Thinking outside the box, we’re planning to change the color up to make it fit our needs. That’s the fun part about testing out new things and collaborating with someone who has other perspectives, you try things you wouldn’t normally try. I was lucky enough to have a couple evenings of nice dinners and drinks with the office. We checked out things that the locals see, like the bat bridge and stopping by the YETI bar, we had a great time. Every time I go on these trips I realize how lucky I am to do what I love while connecting with other people. As summer comes to an end – it’s been bringing to mind how universal so many things are. Seasons, like summer, come and go. The same is to be said for the seasons in business, seasons in creativity and seasons in relationships. Feeling like you’re in a different season than those around you, or wishing to be in a different season can be very isolating. I’ve been there and felt stuck, not knowing what my next move would – or should, be. Whether we know it in the moment of longing or not, connecting with other humans is the bridge that gets us by from season to season. Vulnerability, no matter how uncomfortable it can seem – goes a long way. Have you ever experienced a knot that sits with you in your soul? You ponder it – toss it all around inside, only to still be in the same place with it in your mind as you had been when you first started giving it thought? Then – eventually and seemingly unknowingly, we open up to someone. Suddenly an open peace enters your chest, a weight lifts from your shoulders and you realize you feel different. Nothing has changed, per se, except you’ve shared in a human connection that rose to meet you when you needed it. Recently I’ve seen others not running full steam ahead or being where they want to be with business, or not having the pep in their step they usually have. It’s difficult to see because I once was stuck with my photography / cinematography as well. That’s not the case anymore. Now it’s a ritual. A simple meditation. Has it always been this way? No. Does practice make perfect? No, practice makes improvement. Practice makes progress. Being a team-player is what matters most. That’s what I’ve seen in my own work and in life. Working with others and everyone utilizing their talent and gifts in a harmonious way is what creates things that are the most beautiful. The fact that we need each other – perhaps that is the biggest lesson in all of it. Until next time everyone – keep growing, partnering and connecting. It’s worth it.



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