What can I expect from a typical session?

First, forget your school picture days. A professional headshot or portrait session is a custom experience all for you. Prior to the session, we will have discussed your brand and objectives for the images. Then, at the studio, we'll narrow down the starting wardrobe options, and off we go to the camera.I'll give you some posing tips and tricks as we fine tune the lights. We'll cover all the angles and you'll hear some of my bad jokes. Have a favorite side? Be sure to mention it! At that point, my job is really to get you as comfortable as possible and help distract your nerves (yes, everyone is a little nervous). That's how we get the amazing authentic images like you see here.

What should I wear?

Bring a few options. If it's an outfit you love, odds are, it looks amazing on you. Keep it simple—stay away from loud patterns and big logos. And avoid overly bright or neon colors. These tones can reflect the studio lights back on your skin. Please, don't hesitate to ask any wardrobe related questions.Guys, if you're wearing a shirt with a fitted collar, make sure it's the right size! When in doubt, ask a tailor.

Should I wear my glasses?

If you normally wear glasses, odds are, you'll want them in the shot. Also, don't forget to clean them before you arrive.

What about makeup and jewelry?

Ladies, wear your normal makeup. Don't get too fancy. And err towards matte finishes. If makeup is not your expertise, let us know. I can arrange a makeup artist to join the shoot. Jewelry should be minimal so as not to cause distractions. Men, you're off the hook. Makeup is not required at all. But do avoid any facial moisturizers, sun screen or anything that can clump in facial hair or shift skin color.

Can I order prints?

Yes! Your final retouched images will be ready for print & available to be sent to my recommended professional printing options.