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July 20th - 2022

Updated: Mar 22

Better late than never! 2022 is halfway through and although I’m sure it’s been as busy for you all as it has been for me, which is why this is my JUNE blog update! Yes, June. To me, June marks the passing of half the year, but with a true shift in season, feels like a nice shift into a new season of life. A particularly hot and humid one here in Kentucky.

Some updates? In the “trying new things” department – you’ll be pleased to know I bought a One-wheel and so far, have managed to keep all my fingers and toes. That being said – I did take home a nice, scraped elbow after one of my rides. Thank goodness I was wearing a light backpack, so most of the impact went into that. Plus, I rolled into the fall, like a true stunt double (except I’m doing my own stunts, lol). Turns out it’s not actually as easy to ride as it might look. The One-wheel gives me a new outlook on travel. Practice makes …well not perfect, but practice makes improvement.

In the professional department, I was honored to be featured in the Nashville Voyager Magazine. If you want to learn a little more about me, check out the piece here. I also shot a summer national realtor event – always fun, and you can check out those photos here. If you’re in the Bowling Green area – be sure to check out a new restaurant that’s opened here, Toro. I captured some snapshots there while attending an event, and it’s got a cool vibe. If you want a peek, click here.

Last time, I introduced my podcast to you all – the “Sean K. Daily” podcast, and I’m excited to continue investing in myself. This month, my new podcasting board from Rode arrived. This is going to really change the game. Soon you’ll hear an upgraded sound quality, and I’ll even have the ability to connect instruments to the board. That’ll help me create music for my Youtube channel and the podcast, of course.

Now – all I’m waiting on is my beloved Shure SM7B. Once I get that, we’ll really be in business. I’m excited to continue to cover topics I’m passionate about on the podcast, inspiring others to get creative, gain new perspectives and to support photographers, videographers and creators of all kinds. Thanks for checking in with me this month and allowing me to share with you all I’ve been up to.

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