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April 18th - 2022

Updated: Mar 22

After what could be considered a couple years in a row of “winter” – with less traveling, less activity, less connection with people due to the ongoing pandemic, 2022 is starting out a little stronger. 2022 is beginning to look like the spring of the early twenty-twenties. So far, so good.

February found me skipping down to sunny Florida, attending an actual in-person conference. Yes, you read that right. An in-person conference for Keller Williams in Orlando.

*Would love to add some more details about the conference here to spice it up. Anything of note or anything specific you enjoyed or did, or maybe I can add in a review of the conference?*

Then in March, the windiest month of the entire year – I flew a drone. Twice!

*Would love to add in where you flew it, how the flights went, anything you learned, and if you enjoyed it?*

On the personal front, something else took me by surprise in February – Cindy. I began dating Cindy in February, and by March we were going to the gym together. Beyond working out, we love talking and have deep conversations together. It’s great to feel like you connect with someone and have someone you can share so many amazing moments with. I was able to meet Cindy’s parents in late March. We had a delicious Italian dinner at North Italia, complete with coffee. Well, a coffee maker. Her parents ended up buying a dual coffee maker right before dinner from the mall nearby, so it kept us company while we ate.

*Would love to add in how you and Cindy met if you think that’s a fun story, or maybe any other specific details about you as a couple. Any shows or movies you’ve enjoyed together recently?*

In the world of photography and videography, I was able to record a number of videos for work in addition to picking up my newfound skill of drone piloting.

*Would love to add in a couple small details about what type of videos for work you did!*

Finally – my last update of the past three months. I started a podcast! If you get a chance, check out my new podcast called the “Sean K. Daily” where I’ll be giving back to listeners with inspiration to keep fighting, no matter the struggles that come your way.

*Would love to mention something here about what inspired you to start this podcast, and something like what your current recording schedule is, and how often the podcast will come out!*


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